How to Measure Your SEO’s Effectiveness


The purpose of any business is to make a profit, and so business goals need to be identified, with a clear business plan of how these goals will be achieved. The online world provides businesses with a number of solutions to make their business stand out online, one such solution is search engine optimisation.

SEO means different things to different people, but for a business to be successful in the online arena, it should understand how SEO can help a business reach its goals, and how the SEO strategy is best implemented. With the help of Grapefruit Digital, a leading London SEO Service businesses turn to help develop their SEO strategy, we’ve put together some thoughts on your business can achieve this.

Adding Value to SEO

SEO can often be seen as a way of receiving organic traffic, and while this is true, this shouldn’t be how SEO is monitored overall. The goal posts have moved tremendously since the early days of the online world, and stuffing content full of keywords is no longer a viable option.

The reason why search engines such as Google are popular is because of the quality search results it provides its online users with. In this regard, the first port of call should be to ensure that any content being created is of high quality and relevant to the website it’s being posted on. Anyone found to be ‘cheating’ the system can expect the search engines to omit their details from any search results.

Although SEO is about traffic, it’s about getting the right kind of traffic. A business should aim to rank for keywords in its niche, not keywords that are deemed popular within search engines at the moment. Ranking for keywords out of your niche may bring more traffic in the first instance, but a business can expect these numbers to drop if online users are being fed content that doesn’t fit in with their search query.

The Quality of Backlinks Remains Important

There are many questionable outlets that will boast of providing you with thousands of backlinks for a relatively small fee, so this should set on your way to a heavy influx of traffic right? Wrong, if anything a number of backlinks posted on spammy, amateur blogs will do nothing for your rankings, as the referring pages aren’t deemed to have enough authority.

The acquisition of quality backlinks normally depends on the quality of your content. If you have an interesting article, then it is likely someone will ink to it, and this can happen a number of times. There are also the social signals to consider, such as when content is shared on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Should a Business Invest in SEO

Whichever way you look at it a business has to invest in SEO, it’s really a case of whether it invests time or money, Granted, a business doing its own SEO may think its saving money in the first instance, but if only the basic steps are being taken, then the business could be losing on traffic that could see sales conversions.

A reputable SEO specialist will be able to ensure a website is optimised in the right way, the right keywords are being ranked for and that the overall content is of a good quality that will provide knowledge and insight to those who read it. If you’ve found this information useful, and want to talk to someone further about developing your SEO strategy, why not reach out to Grapefruit Marketing via their Facebook page.